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India/ Bharat (Both names respectful)

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Dear Editor,
Controversy over name India/ Bharat is unnecessary, uncalled for or meaningless. All citizens take pride in calling themselves as Indian or Bhartiay. It makes no difference for them. They have been using both the names synonymously since their Childhood. The name Bharat is ancient and historical and is a symbol of its great culture and heritage while as the name “India” of course is stated to be invented in the colonial period and one might call it as a symbol of slavery. However, the name India which has co-existed with the name Bharat since independence is also a symbol of our modern India with its secular credentials, plural characteristics and reflection of inclusivity.
The Constitution of India too accords recognition to both the names. These The names get entrenched in people’s minds over the period of times and it’s very difficult to attune/ accustomize them to new names that too especially when both the names are being used synonymously, respectfully and pride-fully by all citizens. India is a country fast on the path of progress, making speedy strides in every fields and its image /stature at global level has risen greatly and its voice listen by world leaders with keen interest. Why to digress from the cherished path of taking the country to new heights in the coming decades by engaging in such unnecessary controversies.
It’s imperative to focus our energies on prime issues of national importance, public weal instead which would lead to bettering the lots of its citizens especially the poor and the marginable ones.
We love our India, we love our Bharat. Let’s say “India is Bharat” and “Bharat is India”.
Ravi Sharma, Dhariwal

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