The Bold Voice of J&K


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India is the crown jewel of the world whose history is glorious. It is unique from natural point of view. Nature has decorated it with her own hands. The six seasons come in turn and adorn it. On three sides the sea and the Himalayas are adorned like its crown. Rivers irrigate it by continuously flowing like the flow of its love.
My country India is the playground of culture. From this country the rays of knowledge spread all over the world. This is the country which gave the knowledge of Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and Gita to the world. It is because of knowledge that India is called Jagadguru.
India is a secular state, which means that the government here does not interfere in the religious matters of the people. People who believe in Hindu-Sikh, Christian and Islam religions live here. They have complete freedom to follow their worship method and social system. It was the land of India that gave the principle of universal brotherhood and Panchsheel to the world, inspired human values like truth, non-violence, sacrifice, kindness etc.

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