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Illegal appointments

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Dear Editor,
The government in the J and K is the largest employing agency. It means largest number of employed persons draw salary on the payroll of the government. In developed countries, this is not the practice, private sector employs largest number of workers including industries, corporations, banks, public service undertakings etc. The private sector is not fully developed in the State and industries and factories have not grown in numbers and size to make space for youth employment. In other words, the youth have no choices and options to try their luck away from the government departments.
Obviously, there is a great pressure on the government to provide employment to the youth especially the educated youth .As a welfare state; the youth have the right to ask for work and employment. Many big business and corporate houses have offered to train thousands of young people in one or the other stream so that they are able to earn living. A skilled or experienced person has more chances of getting job as compared to unskilled persons. The private sector is not developed, had it been so it would have reduced the burden of unemployment. There are number of factors like geographic, topographic, history, climatic conditions etc. However, the least one can say is that unprincipled politics and willingness and the actors to violate the rules are major reasons for illegal and back door employment in various government departments.
In addition, when the political influence is there, the willingness of the bureaucracy to compromise on the issue, illegal and back door appointments take place. If the recruitment process is easy and quick, one may say that illegal appointments can be halted and justice will be done to all.
Parul Kalra
The Law School, Jammu University.

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