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Hurriyat must be dealt with heavy hands: Dogra Front

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JAMMU: The activists of Dogra Front and Shiv Sena (AG) led by its President, Ashok Gupta took out a procession in Jammu city by burning the effigies of the Hurriyat leaders those who are speaking the language of Pakistan which has collapsed the Valley since past many days due to the death of a terrorist.
Expressing his views on the comments made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan regarding the Kashmir issue, Gupta stated that it is none of the business of Pakistan what happens inside India and rather than focusing upon the Kashmir issue the Prime Minister of Pakistan should divert his attention and focus on the areas of Sindh and Baluchistan where the people have been stripped of their human rights and is nothing less than a dictators wasteland.
“The people who have lost their lives belong to the poor households as on the contrary the children of Hurriyat leaders are abroad living a lavish and peaceful lives and they have nothing to do with the Kashmir issue. The average Kashmiri wants to live a harmonious life but the fringe element of Kashmir the Hurriyat keeps on disrupting the lives by calling on Bandhs as these Bandhs not only break down the lives but also devours the future of the Kashmiri children who want to study and make a better life for themselves,” he added.
In an appeal to the youth of Kashmir, Gupta said that Hurriyat is playing with their lives and future as they don’t want the Kashmiri youth to get educated because an educated youth will never listen to these Hurriyat leaders who are nothing less than hate mongers as they are always motivating people to execute their seditious activities.
In a telegram to the Home Minister, Gupta stated that the militants and Hurriyat must be dealt with heavy hands and the security provided to the separatists must be withdrawn as they are living at the expenses of the Indian Government and spilling venom against India. The security of the Hurriyat leaders must be withdrawn immediately and they should be exiled from the country, he added.
Among those who joined the protest include Daya Ram, Geeta, Prem, Sukhdev, Nirmal, Sudesh, Pushpa, Shama, Ashish and Abhishek.

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