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Human Rights in wake of changing national, global scenario

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In India, the constitution has incorporated some following human rights among the many in the form of fundamental rights like, right to equality, before the law, freedom from discrimination, on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex and place of birth, freedom of speech and expression, prohibition of employment of children in hazardous occupation, free and compulsory education up to the age of 14 years. Two dates 15th August, 1947 and 26th January, 1950 are written in golden letters in Indian History, the former brought political independence and the latter brought constitutional freedom. The Human Rights Act was passed in 1993 and the National Human Rights Commission was set up in 1994 and its Chairman Ranganath Misra said that the subject of human rights would find a place in the curriculum. Every state has got its own state Human Rights commission and Human Rights Cell so that justice pertaining to human rights reaches every nook and corner. The Commission undertakes many steps to inquire and investigate into complaints of various violations of human rights, spread human right literacy and awareness in the country, encouraging universities for research, seminars, and publications and to start courses in human rights at graduate and post-graduate levels. Cases of violations of Children’s rights like trafficking, child marriage, and imprisonment to juveniles, rape and torture cases have been taken up by the Commission. But the real progress in this field can be achieved by general awakening. There is urgent need for not only sensitising everyone for human rights but of practicing it. The author as Course Coordinator is the pioneer in initiating and starting the three months certificate course on Human Rights and Moral Values at MIER Institute Jammu, which was funded and sponsored by UGC, Govt of India, New Delhi. Students and people from all walks of life took interest in this course and were benefitted to become human rights activist. Also seminars were held to spread human rights literacy and awareness amongst the students, youth and senior
People of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh were deprived of their constitutional rights and development on account of Articles 370 and 35A, by those who ruled the state for the last seven decades and it has not only deprived the daughters of the state of their genuine rights, but also the West Pakistan refugees and Valmaki Samaj of their rights as citizens despite their successive generations living in the state. As such its removal had become necessary in the present set up of the Govt so that full rights are enjoyed by the people similar to the citizens of other states of the country. This special status was a hurdle in total integration of state with rest of India and gave strength to separatism. Prime Minister Modi and BJP Govt scrapped the Article on August 5, 2019 which is a historical moment to rejoice and a mile stone for securing human rights. Scrapping of Special status of earth while state of J&K is a stepping stone to peace and prosperity. Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus from valley living the exiled life for the last 30 years are the worst victims and their forced expulsion triggered by communal forces resulted in displacement of the community in different parts of the country. No serious attempts were made to rehabilitate KPs with honour and full security during the previous Goverments. Prime Minister Modi assuring words that ‘Kashmiryat demands that those Kashmiri Pandits who had to flee due to violence, leaving behind their homes, land and memories of their ancestors, they should be settled in their home land with full honour and security’. Hope has rekindled in Kashmiri pandits that things will turn
better now.
The 21st century is embarked upon promoting and protecting the Human Rights and endeavoured into a new era of peace and prosperity for humanity and to live with dignity. We are indebted to the United Nations for their World Conference on human rights in Vienna in1993 and it’s declaration. Human race will also remain grateful to United Nations which proclaimed the UN Decade of Human Rights Education 1995-2004. All luminaries on human rights acclaimed the new vision of global action for promoting and protecting human rights, with a commitment to World Peace and Prosperity. We have now realised that the only course for a bright and happy future is to accept the ancient wisdom of our mother land-‘The Whole World is a Family’.

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