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Historic opportunity

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The culmination of the penultimate round of Assembly elections with a marginal fall in percentage of voter turnout in Jammu and Kashmir has sent a clear message once again that it is the democracy which is emerging victorious. The people of the State should encash from this historic opportunity to assert their right to undo the “injustices” done by the successive governments of over the years. The marginal fall of one per cent below the fifty-mark should be no dampener keeping the weather conditions in view.  With so much bombarding of publicity over the campaigning at least people should exercise their right to elect such a government which will give an effective say to them. Every party is wooing voters with promises of development, prosperity and equated growth which any sane person can make out is just like any other promises made earlier by them but what is needed is to give a befitting reply to the non-performers so that at least it will give the electorate a chance to clean the body politic. Today elections have come a long way from the narrow issues of caste, creed and regionalism. People want results now and this was evident in the  Lok Sabha elections which can be expected  in Jammu and Kashmir polls also. Emergence of new political setup are the part of this change which was evident in Haryana and Maharashtra election results. What is to be seen is the high voter turnout being witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir which would bring the change people are looking forward too.

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