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Hindus, Muslims alike

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Dear Editor,
I was reminded of an incident 10 years ago when I, along with my wife and another Haryanvi artist, were the guests of Mrs Bushra Khaliq in Lahore on our journey back from the Karachi meet of the World Social Forum. Her husband, a journalist, chose to stay back in Karachi, and Mrs Bushra, working for an NGO, very generously allowed us to stay for a night at her home as our train had got delayed and it was not possible to cross the border that afternoon. Her sons Murad and Daniel were appearing in the annual exam for classes III and VI, respectively. They were both excited and curious about the three Indian Hindus staying with them. As a perfect host, Bushra showed us around Lahore that evening, including the Food Street. We bought gifts for her lovely children. The next morning, I overheard them talking to their mom with religious texts in their hands. “Mom, how come these Hindus are so kind and affectionate whereas we are taught the opposite?”
That morning, they had to write their exam for religious studies. “Shut up boys. Don’t believe in the school texts, believe in what you see and feel. They are like us, don’t you see?” The enlightened Mom admonished the boys in hushed tones!
Amritlal Madan

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