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Healthy suggestions to Commissioner JMC

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Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed paper I would like to draw attention of the Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation towards Jewel Chowk.The Nallah which passes through Jewel Chowk is not cleaned up or drained properly with the result it chokes and foul smell is emitted causing air pollution and there is every likelihood of spreading of infectious diseases. Moreover this very Chowk is the main entrance of Jammu city. So it leaves a bad impression upon the tourists coming from the various statesfor pilgrimage such as the Amarnath Yatra. The Jewel Chowk road which leads to Talab Tillo Bohri sans a bigger passenger shed. Because in absence of a passenger shed a large number of commuters have to wait for matadors plying on different routes at this Chowk. Some of the commuters may not be keeping well; some elderly people cannot withstand harsh temperature of weather. During rain one gets drenched because of no passenger shed there.This very Chowk has been mono polised by so many Rehriwalas as if it were their own. In the light of difficulties being faced by the commuters, it is requested to your goodself to take an initiative for erecting or installing a bigger passenger shed on this spacious place monopolised by the Rehriwalas. By doing so it would not only present a descent look for the tourists but the commuters will also enjoy the facilities to be provided by Jammu Municipal Corporation. The matter assumes significance for public welfare.
Tara Chand Bhagat
Talab Tillo Jammu

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