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Hate Story 2 has strong performances, but story lets it down

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Plot synopsis: Sonika (Surveen Chawla) is Mandar Mhatre’s (Sushant Singh) keep who is a corrupt politician and exploits Sonika in every way possible. Trapped in the bad world of Mhatre, Sonika finds solace in photography where she meets her love – Akshay (Jay Bhanushali). Mandar kills Akshay and Sonika sets out on her revenge trip.
Rating: *
Hate Story 2 marks the Bollywood debut of Jay and Surveen.
With a totally predictable story line and extremely illogical twists and turns, Hate Story 2 fails to entertain.
Once the cops find Sonika inside a coffin and rescue her, she’s sent to hospital and she runs away. But the cops won’t flash her missing report in media because “jinse bhaag rahi hai wo alert ho jaayenge”! Seriously? Do you have such dumb villains that they won’t know their captive is absconding?
When Mandar kills Akshay, Sonika suddenly gathers all the courage and skills to avenge her lover – the way you saw Kajol in Dushman, only Sonika gains the skills and courage overnight, without any rhyme or reason. How does a girl, who was so helpless she never tried running away from the evil politician, gather the courage to face and challenge him? That’s for the audience to figure out. Why should the filmmakers make any efforts to explain everything to the audience?
The only saving grace, perhaps are the performances: Sushant Singh perfectly essays the role of the maniac that Mandar is, adding fun to his character. Sushant has the expertise to perform evil character with ease. No wonder he’s been awarded the best actor in negative role (IIFA & Zee Cine Awards for Jungle, 2001). He wonderfully portrays the male chauvinist who slams his wife in front of his henchmen and doesn’t mind beating his keep too.
Sushant also brings some of the best moments in the film. Sample some of the dialogues he mouths:
When challenged to a duel by Akshay in the cliched Bollywood style ‘Mard ka baccha hai to in chamchon ko peeche hata aur akele aa’, Mandar replies, “Koi shauq nahi mujhe mard ka baccha banane ka, jaisa hun thik hun.”
Another interesting line Sushant says when Sonika has thrown an open challenge to him: “Chuhe ko maarne ke liye uske peeche nahi daudte, wo khud apni badle ki bhookh mitaane ke liye chuhedani me aayegi.”
Surveen, too, fits into her character perfectly throughout the movie. Other actors, however, are more irritating rather than being convincing. The inspector, for example, who sets out to help, tries too hard to act like a brooding cop but fails. Jay, doesn’t have much of a role but is not believable enough even in the bits he’s supposed to act.
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