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Guidelines issued for contesting candidates in Budgam

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BUDGAM: According to Nodal Officer, who is also the Additional Deputy Commissioner Budgam in order to facilitate monitoring of election expenditure, each intending candidate is required to open a separate bank account exclusively for the purpose of election expenditure. He said that the account can be opened at any time only for the purpose of election, not later than one day before the date of notification of election.
He said that the account number of this bank account shall be communicated by the candidate in writing to the Returning Officer (RO) of the Constituency at the time of filling of his/her nomination. He said that wherever the candidate has not opened the bank account or not intimated the bank account number, the RO shall issue a notice to such candidate to comply with instruction of the Election Commission of India.
He said that the bank account can be opened either in the name of the candidate or in jointly with his election agent for the purpose of the election expenditure. He said that bank account should not be opened jointly with any family member of the candidate or any other person. He informed that if he/she is not the election agent of the candidate.
The Nodal Officer said that the bank account can be opened anywhere in the state. The accounts can also be opened in any of the banks including the co-operative bank or in the post offices. He said that the existing bank account of the candidate should not be used for this purpose as it is to be a separate bank account for election purpose.
He said that all election expenditure shall be made by the candidate, only from this bank account. He said that all expenditure to be incurred by the candidate on electioneering has to be deposit in this bank account, irrespective of its source of funding including candidates own fund. He said that a self-certified copy of the statement of this bank account shall be submitted by the candidate to the DEO along with the statement of the account of election expenditure as required to be filled with in a period of 30 days from the date of declaration of result.
The Nodal Officer said that the candidate(s) shall incur his/her election expenditure by crossed Account Payee cheque, or draft or by RTGS/NEFT from the bank account opened for election purpose. He said, however, if the amount payable by the candidate(s) to any person/entity for any item of expenditure does not exceed Rs. 20,000/-during the entire process of election, then such expenditure can be incurred in cash, by withdrawing it from the said bank account.
He said that candidate is required to deposit the entire amount received through any source and meant for election expenditure in the said bank account and all his/her election expenses are to be incurred only from the said account.
The Nodal Officer said that the candidate is also required to ensure that neither his/her agents and or followers nor he/she himself/herself carries cash exceeding Rs. 50,000/- in the constituency during election process as per directions of Supreme Court of India.
The Nodal Officer further said that It is clarified that if any election expenses are incurred without routing it through the said bank account or not by way of cheque or draft or RTGS / NEFT as mentioned above. It shall be deemed that the candidate has not maintained the accounts in the manner, prescribed by the commission.

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