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In today’s fast growing world, increase in means of communication is also necessary. Communication is very essential in any fundamental need in the world. Communication is a basic need for every living being. At the same time, many individuals expressing concerns about the negative impacts of excessive mobile phone use, especially among children and youth. They pointed out that while mobile phones have many benefits, such as facilitating communication and providing access to information, they can also lead to addiction and social disorders when used excessively. Drawing a “Lakshman Rekha,” or a line of control and limitation, around mobile phone usage, especially in educational institutions, could indeed be a proactive measure to mitigate some of these negative effects. Encouraging responsible and mindful use of mobile phones, setting boundaries, and promoting healthy habits could help in addressing these concerns. Additionally, fostering digital literacy and educating individuals, particularly children and teenagers, about the potential risks associated with excessive mobile phone use can empower them to make decisions and develop healthier relationships with technology.

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