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Govt land sale fraud; FIR registered

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JAMMU: Police have registered a case under Section 420 RPC against one Nirmolak Singh and other in a complaint filed by one Vishal Sharma.
A complaint filed in the Court of Sub-Registrar in which the complainant alleged that he was looking for some piece of land for setting up his office when one Habib-ullah-Khan known to the applicant, told him that he met one Nirmolak Singh few days back who wanted to sell his land at Rehari, Jammu to which the applicant showed his interest and arranged a meeting of the applicant with accused No.1 at the land at Rehari proposed to be sold by the accused No.1 in the last week of May 2013.
That the applicant along with Habib-ullah-Khan and one of his friend, went to Rehari where both the accused were present and they showed the land to the applicant. As the applicant liked the said land for establishing his office, he enquired from the accused No.1 about the status of the land. The accused No.1 assured the applicant that he is the absolute owner of the land having purchased the same vide a duly executed and registered sale deed and handed over a photocopy of the sale deed of the said land by which the accused No.1 had purchased. The accused No.2 further assured the applicant that the land was actually owned by his brother who has sold the same to the accused No.1 and they have a clear title over the said land.
Thereafter the consideration of the land was settled at Rs.15 lakh and the applicant told the accused to give him a week’s time to arrange the money.
In the 1st week of June 2013, the applicant called the accused persons to come to District Courts Complex at Janipur Jammu to receive the part payment whereupon both the accused persons came to the District Courts Complex Janipur in first week of June 2013 and the applicant asked the accused persons to arrange for the Fard of the land from the revenue authorities but the accused insisted that they have got the sale deed of the land without Fard Intikhab so there will be no necessity for the Fard Intikhab to get the sale deed registered.
However the applicant informed them that it was the past practice but now a days, it is not possible to get the sale deed registered without Fard Intikhab over which the accused No.1 asked the applicant to at least pay them some advance to settle the deal.
On this the applicant became suspicious and started enquiring about the status of the land and was came to know that the land agreed to be sold by the accused persons to the applicant, was actually state/Nazool land and the accused persons had managed the said sale deed by recording a false statement of ownership in the said sale deed and got it registered before the Sub Registrar knowing it to be false as the accused persons were having the knowledge of the said land being state land.
The accused persons used the said sale deed as genuine knowing it to be false having full knowledge that the said land is a state land thereby dishonestly inducing the applicant to pay them an amount of Rs.7.50 lakh.
The intention of the accused persons from the very beginning was doubtful as they were aware that the land they are selling to the applicant was a state land and the accused No.1 was having no title over the same as such are guilty of committing offences punishable under Section 193, 196, 199 and 420 of RPC. JNF

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