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Good bye Communists, pseudo-secularists, anarchists, fringes and RaGa

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Dost Khan / Anchor

Time turns full circle and this time around it moved rather fast. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stormed hard over those who thought he was receding in charm and appeal. The watershed elections in UP and other states is a virtual case study for those who want to understand the rising of new India. It is now curtains for those who have taken millions of Indians for a ride. They showed them elephants who are now tired to take the load any further. Rather the elephants are wiser they will prefer to remain in the forest where they actually belong than in once Mayawati’s Lucknow where they were a common sight. This was once tone of the face of the drama of Indian democracy. But happily for a change Maya has been caught in her own ‘Maya’. The eternal delusion in which she caste her voters stands lifted. Reduced to paltry 19 seats out of 403, Maya is a virtual non-entity now. Here time has turned full circle again. Modi with this emphatic four of the five states in his kitty proved that India is heading for a new narrative other- wise the Communists and Leftists had trained all their archaic guns over the shoulders of JNU Delhi etc . Kanayas, and others were brought in with Yechuri , Rahul Gandhi and others in tow hoping for a miracle. Mercifully here again the voters saw through the game. India is changing and sadly these leftists are not learning that they are clinging to a creed that has long time expired. Their atrocities on political opponents in Kerala are now assuming menacing proportions. The infamous Kannore model of exterminating BJP and RSS cadres proved beyond point that Communists are atrocious if they are faced with a credible opposition. Here again credit goes to the Modi government that they are not interfering in Kerala where situation under Leftists have gone out of hand. It may be a matter of perception for some but it is a hard fact that Modi has changed the political dynamics of the country with his inclusive developmental agenda.
Today all the regional straps from Mulayam, Akhilesh combine to Mayawati, Azam Khans, Raju Bhaiya, Gayatre Parsad Prajapati all stand decimated by a new political rising. With their expired formulae of gaining power through Dalit- Muslim combine or Yadav- Muslim combine or caste considerations is not going to pay dividends. Modi is shaping the political consciousness of the country with a new politics to which no opposition can match. On the other side, given his immense personal integrity there is no match to him among the motley crowd of rag tag opposition leaders. Samajwadi Party which for decades now banked upon his brand of political jugglery by exploiting the segments of UP’s population today stand licking its wounds. The cycle has been deflated and there is little hope of its redemption in near future. SP stands marginalised by the political acumen of Amit Shah and also through the family wars which will in future see a new political battle within the Mulayam family. The Indian voter has for a change been rescued from the dynasty politics and brought into the mainstream of India’s wholesome political consciousness. Here again the credit goes to Modi. If his classic demonetisation punctured the money bags and the Goondas it has also set a right signal to the poor that his government was with them. Happily for BJP this time with these results it has come out of the Baniya Mode to India Mode. And this will do the country good in long term and shall make the BJP formidable in its outreach.
In this scenario one person and one part stands out for a critical dissection or surgery. Congress has now achieved a dubious distinction of having a leader who is now a bad omen for everybody he makes alliance with. RaGa (Rahul Gandhi) has now achieved another milestone to his string of infamous milestones. The latest victim of this Congress bad omen is Akhilesh Yadav. It was quite a scene to see the “UP Ke Ladke’ together addressing rallies. ‘Bhaibandhan’ which Akhilesh called their alliance has turned into Doobmaro Bandhan. Rahul will eventually help Modi realise his dream of Congress Mukt Bharat. He has proved lucky for BJP and never in the history of India has a leader of once pre-eminent political party proved so lucky for the ruling party. Rahul has become a heavy millstone weighing down the neck of Congress. Today all Congress leaders who once chided Modi with Maut Ka Saudagar or Chaiwalla have fled like rats. If they do not learn this time it will no doubt be permanent political shutdown for them.
Omar Abdullah was right while giving vent to the mood of the opposition in the country after the results of the elections were announced. His tweet that it was time to forget 2019 and concentrate on 2024 is well hitting the mark. His tweet shows not only his dejection but his frustration that he perhaps missed the bus by refusing to align with BJP. Goodbye opportunists, fringes and RaGa.
These elections have broken many myths and created new hopes. India is now on a road to modern thinking. With a rising middle class and educated young people on the rise the fragmented and opportunistic politics of appeasement is out and the politics of development and new vision is in.

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