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For God’s sake stop burning my school

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Sunaina Malik 

If you burn my kindergarten where I will go with my bag on my back? Where I will read and write with pencil and books, where I will play with my friends , where I will pray to God during morning assembly, where I will built my health by morning exercise, where I will enjoy my lunch break with my class mates, where I will learn the lesson of life from my teachers, where I will learn how to become an officer in life, where I will learn the moral lessons of my life, where I will learn how to behave in manners, where I will celebrate Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day and Gandhi jayanti, where I will develop my IQ by different quiz competitions and over all where I will learn how to be a good citizen of a society in particular and country in general?
No doubt our beautiful and mesmerizing valley has witnessed the bloodiest episode of its history.
This brutal fire of unrest has engulfed over 90 precious lives, injured 15000, blinded 500 ,nearly 15000 of Kashmiri young students are kept behind bars with serious charges and destroyed property worth crores of rupees and filled Kashmiri people with pain and revenge. But the most horrible face of this ongoing turmoil has appeared at that time when we have seen our schools in the cruel hands of fire. In front of our eyes our class rooms, our desks, our black board, our pointer, and our duster have turned into ash in no time and we are help less to save them as we are locked with in the four wall of our houses. Perhaps this would be first time in the history of world that a population of 5 million people is exploited to such an extend that life appeared for them as worrest thing.
As we all know that all the living bodies of world fight against external danger to his life and security but if the body get infected with some internal disease causing agent the body become help less and soon scumb to infection. Some thing similar is happening in valley. People of Kashmir had presented a tremendous picture of unity in their fight against human right violations in the valley but they would no longer continue it because disease causing pathogen had affected the body of Kashmiri movement and burning of 25 school buildings are the symptoms of that dread-full disease. As per official data available to the Director Education Department, out of all the effected districts, Kulgam district is effected most with six burnt school buildings, in addition to this we have one in Kupwara, two in Bandipora, one in Ganderbal, one in Srinagar, one in Pulwama, one in Anantnag, two in Shopian, three in Budgam and three in district Baramula.
To your revelation burning of schools don’t only amount to loss of money worth crore but it also amounts to complete loss of school records of our children which is irreparable. More over a well known fact is this that our state is already passing through a financial crises this can be judged by non payment of salary of govt. employees for past six months,how could we expect that our school would be re constructed soon as there is no( Jadu Ki Chari) with our state government?
As it was in the news that different schools were set ablaze as a reaction to the announcement of date sheet of different exams in the valley but friends there is no Prudence in that act which instead of solving the issue further multiply the problem to infinity. Burning of schools is an irreparable loss to the dreams and aspiration of Kashmiri future race.
In the conclusion I would like to say education open an enlightened world to our soul and burning school is darkening the ever charming word of toodlers.

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