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Global pressure

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Dear Editor,
Why cannot India destroy Pakistan-sponsored anti-India terrorist hideouts, their training camps and arms and ammunition in Pakistan, and also in PoK? Pakistan will never punish Hafiz Saeed, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Dawood Ibrahim or any other anti-India terrorist any time soon.
Besides, the solely business-minded US will not really support India in this matter, but will keep on giving Pakistan financial aid – though it is very well aware of the fact that Pakistan itself is the fountainhead of global terrorism since the past more than four decades.
Australia, the UK and countries of the European Union must pressure the US to take strong action against terror-sponsoring Pakistan. Otherwise, all these countries will also never be safe from the so-called Islamist terror attacks. Islam means surrender to the Almighty, peace and harmony, and it does not permit the killing of innocent human beings in the name of Allah.
Hansraj Bhat

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