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Gentlemen protests

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Dear Editor,
The news about the Union Home Ministry drafting proposed amendments to the Prevention of Destruction of Public Property Act came as a whiff of fresh air. A strict law to curb violence and take it out of protests, if and when comes into force, will be a great relief to the people.
Leaders of political parties will have to think twice before they give a call for stikes or protests. We have to silently suffer the inconvenience and damage to public property when some rowdy elements go berserk during these protests, mostly incited by political leaders. These political leaders are always on the lookout for some excuse to give a call for shutdowns, strikes and protests on rail tracks and roads, just to be in the reckoning. Miscreants along with leader(s) giving the call for protests, should be made responsible and liable to pay for the damages. Our comrade unions will of course call it a draconian law and murder of democracy and what not, but the nation as a whole will bless our Union Home Ministry if it can successfully get passed the proposed amendment to the Prevention of Destruction of Public Property Act. The proposed amendments will restrict the Courts’ power to release the accused on bail unless there are very strong proofs that the accused is really not guilty.
Ramni Singh
Chaneni, Udhampur

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