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G20 as a window to J&K,s Culture, beauty, potential and change

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Omkar Dattatray

Jammu and Kashmir is the master and inheritor of rich, vibrant and composite culture. This part of India is famous not only for its pristine beauty but it is renowned for its cultural legacy and cultural beauty which in other words is known as Kashmiriyet and Duggeryet for which this place is famous throughout the globe. The crucial G20 meeting which is slated to be held from 22ND to 24th of May 2023 has created much buzz among the political parties as well as in the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
The G20 will in fact provide a golden opportunity to the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and its people not only to showcase its vibrant and rich culture but will also to demonstrate and put before the world the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir.
The G20 summit will make it possible for the UT to bring its vibrant and rich culture as well as the natural beauty of J&K before the international community. LG Manoj Sinha has rightly commented that G20 is the historical opportunity for the J&K people to showcase priceless culture, heritage,tourism as well as warm hospitality and change. Therefore all citizens should come forward and be part of the big and crucial event. Thus G20 is a crucial people’s event and so the people of the union territory should not only welcome it, but should participate in the G20 meeting. Thus G20 provides an important opportunity to the government and the people of J&K to bring the tourism, beauty and rich and vibrant culture to the international arena and this is going to benefit not only the government of the UT, but will surely benefit the people of UT and so the proposed G20 meeting is very crucial and significant in more than one way and thus it is seen and observed that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are attaching much importance to this historical event which will in fact transform the tourism, economy and bring the culture and beauty of Jammu and Kashmir on the international front. The G20 will also give boost to the investment in J&K and it will provide employment opportunities to the unemployed youth and employment is badly required in the UT. Jammu and Kashmir is the amalgam of rich and beautiful and dynamic as well as vibrant culture and there is utmost need to showcase this rich culture, traditions, customs as well as rituals and mores of the public at the global level so that the people of the world come to know about the rich culture of Jammu and Kashmir. People of the whole world will come to know about the rich and vibrant culture and will also appreciate the natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. This is the reason behind choosing the tourist spot of Gulmarg for the G20 meeting as the summit regarding the tourism will be held in this famous tourist place besides a meeting in the summer capital Srinagar .With the medium of G20 summit the diverse culture and traditions and the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir will be shown to the world and therefore the G20 is the best opportunity to portray the diverse culture and rich and pristine beauty before the world. So people of Jammu and Kashmir should take overwhelming interest in the proposed G20 meeting so that the cultural beauty and the natural beauty will be demonstrated before the international community and people of the world will appreciate the richness of Jammu and Kashmir’s rich cultural legacy and the natural beauty. Besides rich and vibrant cultural ethos ,the natural beauty and through these ways the tourism industry, handicrafts, handlooms, paper mashie, wood carving and above all the apple industry will get a boost.
All this is going to boost the economy of J&K and thus the sum total of all this will find expression in the growth of the economy of the UT. Such historical events come very rarely and so the people should not only embrace G20 but actively participate in it. The culture of Jammu and Kashmir is the admixture of traditions, rituals, customs and different ways of life and so our culture is rich and vibrant and the G20 will catapult the cultural legacy of Jammu and Kashmir at the international scale. Not only the culture of Jammu and Kashmir will be portrayed before the world but the pristine and natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir will be showcased before the international community and this will not only make the culture of the UT to flourish but will also give boost to the tourism industry of Jammu and Kashmir at the world scale. The G20 will foster global cooperation and showcase Kashmir’s potential .Kashmir is ready to take center stage, showing its immense potential and acting as a catalyst for progress and unity on the international scale. The G20 Summit is the prestigious gathering of the world’s influential economies is about to unfold in the picturesque region of Kashmir. G20 summit in Kashmir will signal the dawn of new era of global cooperation. G20 summit in Kashmir will become a defining chapter in the history of diplomacy and it will usher an era of cooperation and economic growth. The G20 will make it possible to show the way for inclusive ,cooperative and developed world. The immense potential of this region will be spotlighted and this well in fact give impetus to the diverse cultural legacy and also showcase the natural beauty of this part of India. Politically the holding of G20 is the answer to those forces and to the Pak who are habitual of raising the beaten question of Kashmir at every for a and these forces and Pakistan will be silenced as there are no takers to the Pakistani noise. To conclude the G20 is a golden opportunity to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to showcase their potential, culture and natural beauty and the people and the government should seize this opportunity. There is no exaggeration in saying that G20 will become a window to show Jammu and Kashmir and its culture ,natural beauty and great potential.
(The author is a
columnist, social and KP activist).

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