The Bold Voice of J&K



History is the proof that whenever the enemy has tried to invade the territories of the country, it has been given a befitting reply by the valiant security personnel of the country, for whom only and only security of the country is supreme and they even not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty. It is really a matter of pride for every citizen that the security forces personnel of our country don’t perform their jobs just like other regular duties to earn livelihood for the family but keep an emotional bond with the country treating it as their mother, even above their biological parents. This unique feature and emotional bond provide our forces a unique distinction across the globe as the forces of no other country possess such a distinctive attachment. It is only due to dedicated services of such brave personnel, that despite having hostile relationships with two neighboring countries from the last several years, the nation is still possessing steadily in every sector without any fear or uncertainty. India has always propagated this philosophy of peace and brotherhood and followed the same from decades altogether but it is also a matter of fact that no activity against the interest of the nation is tolerated at any level. Recently, while referring to the ongoing row with the Dragon along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh, especially regarding the rapid deployment of Air assets by China on its side along LAC, the Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari, has said that the Indian Air Force is fully capable to deliver the desired punch as an when required that too within a very short span of time. He further said that looking at the present scenario, the nation should comprehend the situation along its unsettled western and northern borders as a ‘two-front’ contingency and prepare for it accordingly. He further said that at present time, when the nation is already sharing hostile relationships with two neighboring nations, the country could be attacked on all fronts starting from military standoffs to information manipulation and blackouts in the future. This assertion of the Air Chief proves that our security forces, irrespective of any situation or scenario, are fully competent and ready to meet any untoward situation for safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of the nation without an iota of doubt.

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