The Bold Voice of J&K



As the LG Manoj Sinha has welcomed the decision to host G-20 summit in J&K and vowed to make it a grandiose event, the rogue nation Pakistan has started a vociferous campaign against the move by India by opposing the move to the hilt. Reportedly, Pakistan has opposed India’s plans to hold some G-20 events in Kashmir in the run-up to hosting the summit in 2023. It has completely rejected any such attempt by India as per its Foreign Office. Pakistan has a habit of going opposite to India and this stand is another one in the series showing its abhorrence against India and its people. The Government of India should not pay any heed to the assertions made by Pakistan and carry on with the plans to make the summit a great success. The statement by Pakistan that J&K is an internationally recognized disputed territory is totally unfounded and should not be given any weight. Though Pakistan has stated that in case of any such controversial proposal from India, the G20 members will be fully cognizant of the imperatives of law and justice, and would reject it outrightly but the real picture will come to fore only when the other member countries will open up their cards as Pakistan’s rhetoric is biased and full of prejudice. It is the prerogative of all the nations to decide whether they want to come to India or not as Pakistan is nobody to force them to abstain from visiting India to attend the summit. Like in many other cases before, the baffled Pakistan has toed a different line this time also and will get a rebuke from all the member countries as Kashmir is an integral part of the country and there is nothing as such which might prove it to be an international dispute. Whatever has to be sorted out as far as J&K is concerned is the fact that Pakistan should vacate PoK and give the chance to people there to live their lives in complete freedom as the rogue nation has subjugated their rights.

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