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Forgiveness- It is a Virtue


Forgiveness- It is a Virtue- In the spiritual world it is said that a person should observe penance and follow percepts. Cleanliness, satisfaction, penance, self-awareness and devotion to God are the five percepts which should be observed. To strengthen one’s soul it is necessary to follow religion. Behaving with others against one’s conscience, behaving with others as one would expect a behavior for himself, is religion. Keeping a good composure is the first sign of a religious person.
A person who moves resolutely does not get engrossed with anger and does not lose patience with a slight provocation, are the signs of a religious person. Another sign is to have the courage to forgive others and who does not lead a cruel life. According to Manu Maharaj that person is not religious who ignores his own faults. If one finds faults with oneself, punish, and then repent.
Forgive others. That is the virtue.
Man’s belief in religion strengthens through Satsang, and by undertaking pilgrimages. Just visiting the place is not enough. It is of significant advantage to visit those places to cleanse the mind and the soul. It is said that by joining Satsang, and by keeping good company, the mind gets rejuvenated and the thoughts get renewed. New waves of fresh thoughts begin to flow in the mind. An ideal person is the one who gets inspiration from anywhere and learns lessons from others.
Illuminate Your Life with Divine Gifts
Illuminate your life with divine gifts from today itself. Do not defer it to tomorrow or to the day after. When you will hear the voice from within you will realize that everyone outside is illuminative, but when the inner voice accepts you then only you are illuminative. Your inner being will only decide how many faults do you have and how many virtue you possess.
Shri Sudhanshuji Maharaj

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