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Foreign policy blues

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Dear Editor,
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s spirited campaign to nail Pakistan and terror groups based on its soil, with a mention of that country being the “mother-ship of terrorism”, virtually failed to secure consensus at the BRICS summit. The Goa Declaration is probably the most sterling example of the government’s absolute and abject failure as it has managed only one little remark in the extensive statement which says: “We strongly condemn the recent several attacks against some BRICS countries”. His forceful call for action against Pakistan has failed to resonate with other leaders and most chose to speak on the core agenda of economic and development cooperation. India’s “best friend”, President Vladimir Putin appeared willing to accommodate India’s concern, but appears to have shied away in the face of Chinese opposition. The stance of the U.K. government is even stranger especially when British Prime Minister Theresa May is to visit India soon.
That India has not been able to get around China’s moves to block the designation of Masood Azhar as a terror element is a wake-up call. The government can dictate its policies on Indian soil which are increasingly intruding into one’s personal space, but falters when it comes to convincing the world.
S. K Khosla,

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