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The Supreme Court accepting Justice R. M Lodha panel recommendations on structural reforms in the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is a welcome step for the health and growth of the game. The Apex Court agreed with the panel that no minister or bureaucrat can serve as a member would go long way to keep the game away from the influence of big money politicians and powerful bureaucrats who found being in sporting body as a status symbol and to remain in the power corridors. The recommendations to be accepted within six months would leave many politicians and pseudo-game promoters jobless. The ilks like Sharad Pawar, Srinivasn and many more who have never held the willow except for inaugurating some cricket tournament for photo ops will be missing the limelight they relished up till now. The age cap decision too would keep the oldies away from the game played by young and fit. Near home the scam-tainted Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) is one such body which had politicians and academicians at the helm of affairs and throughout the State could not produce a cricketer of eminence who has made some mark in the national and international arena. Till date State has not been able to host a test or one-dayer and it does not have the infrastructure to support. Whatever a player has achieved is only on his personal basis. The mother association has not done anything except filling their own coffers. Like that there are many State associations which are headed by ‘unfit people’ who have killed the game. Political and bureaucratic interference have marred the game to an extent during Shard Pawar’s tenure the national cricketing body was entangled in one or the controversy. The existence of big money and power led to match fixing charges and IPL becoming the money spinner for the promoters no doubt gave opportunities to the new and unknown players, indirectly this format of the game became a legal route to make betting and match fixing authentic. In such a situation the recommendations of Lodha panel hold water for the better management of the game.

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