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Father of slain army officer slams Trump

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father-of-slain-army-officer-slams-trumpWashington: Donald Trump has made America a laughing stock in the world, the father of a Pakistani- American soldier who was killed in the line of duty has said and pledged to stand up against the Republican nominee’s “hatred”, “bigotry” and “political rhetoric”.

Hitting the campaign trail for the first time in support of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Khizr Khan, said, “There comes a time in an ordinary citizen’s life when you stand up against tyranny, against un-American hate.”

“Would I do it all over again? A million times again, again, again, again, up until this hatred, and bigotry, and political rhetoric in the United States is wiped away,” Khan said in his speech at a mosque in Norfolk Virginia, which is home to the largest naval base.

Khan, the father of slain US Army Capt Humayun Khan who died while serving in the 2004 Iraq War, had captivated the nation three months ago when he denounced 70-year-old Trump for his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country.

“He has made us the laughing stock in this world,” Khan said.

“This city is the most appropriate city to utter these words. I say it with complete comprehension: Donald Trump as a candidate has proven himself temperamentally unfit to be the commander of chief of this great nation,” said Khan, who is also appearing in a 60-second ad released by the Clinton Campaign.

“There are no second chances,” he said.

Khan, who voted a day earlier, slammed Trump for his rhetoric.

“Once a rocket is launched you cannot take it back,” Khan said.

“[Trump is] unable to understand, unable to learn the consequences of such a mistake. This person has shown he is apprentice of the nuclear arsenal,” he said.

“I urge all independents. All Republicans. All Republicans are as patriotic as anyone else…to vote for Hillary Clinton,” he said.


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