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Fame and character

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Dear Editor,
Fame which every human being aspires to get.To achieve this every one strives hard. Some touch the finishing line, and some remain regretting through out their lives. What is the reason? It is lack of character, positive attitude, respect for others. As some one has rightly said that “knowledge without character is useless”.
In the pursuit of getting famous one should always remember, that character is an important ingredient which every one should have in his/her struggle.
Character less struggle is a futile exercise.
When we go back in the pages of history, we get to see many examples, who made a mark by their works.They were in a position to do that when their character was positive in nature.
Alexander the Great, Akbar the Great, Ashoka the Great and other great personalities achieved greatness not because they were aloof from the society,but they were in close proximity of positive attitude, advisors who always advised them to move in a right direction with a positive character.
The result is before us.
They are remembered by their un-matchable devolpments in the field of society, politics, economy etc.
So we should give utmost importance to our character in fulfilling our dreams.
Shabir Ahmed

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