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We are facing epidemic outbreak: Doctors

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SRINAGAR: More and more patients with symptoms of skin irritation, chest infection and diarrhoea are coming at the health centres in this flood ravaged city, with doctors saying they are already dealing an epidemic outbreak.
“Initially we had patients who suffered from injuries and required first aid, but for the past two three days majority of the patients come to us with symptoms of irritation of skin, chest infection and diarrhoea.
“We are already face to face with an epidemic outbreak as the number of patients with similar symptoms are increasing with every passing day,” said Dr Shabir Ahmed, a doctor at a medical camp in Ram Bagh locality.
“Are we prepared to deal with this epidemic,” asks Dr Shabir, “the answer is no we are not as we don’t have enough medicinal supplies here.”
He says that though it’s been in its initial stage, but the epidemic has already spread and they fear that it might slowly engulf the entire Srinagar city and eventually the entire Valley.
Ahmed said that everyday more than 1,600 patients visit the medical camp and around 90 per cent of them come with similar symptoms that can be an “indication that an epidemic was already spreading its roots here”.
Ahmed said that the symptoms like ‘skin irritation’ ‘chest infection and diarrhoea’ were indication of an epidemic outbreak in the city.
The shortage of medicines in the city have added to the miseries of the residents as the doctors here say that if not treated in time, these symptoms can transform into ‘life threatening’ conditions.
“These symptoms are a precursor of an epidemic outbreak and adding to the miseries of the people here is the fact that we are running short of life saving medicines,” said Dr Touseef Dar another physician at the camp.
The doctors say that infants and young children were more vulnerable to these diseases as their immune system was too weak to cope up the pathogens. PTI

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