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Experts say because of thermal stratification

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Thousands of dead fishes float on Dal Lake


SRINAGAR: The discovery of thousands of dead fish in Dal Lake on Friday has sparked worry and raised alarm among local residents, prompting them to seek immediate attention from the authorities.
Over the past six days, numerous locals have reported witnessing a staggering number of dead fish throughout the lake, leaving the community in a state of shock.
The locals dwellers on Dal Lake say that they have never seen so many dead fishes floating over the lake, while the authorities saying something new and uncommon.
Addressing the concerns, the Joint Director of Fisheries, assured the public that there is no immediate cause for worry, as similar incidents have occurred in the past.
According to official, the dead fish are considered “unwanted species,” and their deaths can be attributed to temperature fluctuations. He urged the people not to panic, emphasizing that this is not the first time such an occurrence has taken place in the lake.
Department of Fisheries at SKUAST-K, explained that the low concentration of oxygen in the lake could be a possible cause of the fish deaths. They further highlighted concerns regarding pollution and the proliferation of weeds as contributing factors.
Ecologists and environmentalists have expressed apprehension over the high mortality rate of fish in the lake and are calling for a thorough scientific inquiry by the fisheries department to shed light on the incident. Citing the seemingly satisfactory water quality and level, they assert that the significant number of fish deaths indicates a decline in oxygen concentration-a phenomenon that has been observed in Nigeen Lake in the past as well.
The situation has generated widespread concern among residents and environmentalists alike. While the fisheries department has provided some explanations for the fish deaths, the demand for a comprehensive investigation persists. The scientific inquiry is expected to provide crucial insights into the underlying causes of this alarming occurrence and pave the way for effective measures to safeguard the ecological balance of Dal Lake.
As the local community anxiously awaits the results of the investigation, swift action is hoped to be taken to address the issue and prevent further deterioration of the lake’s ecosystem.
Meanwhile many political leaders including vice president of Apni Party Ghulam Hassan Mir and CPIM senior leader M Y Tarigami in a tweet expresses grief and said mass mortality of fish in Dal Lake a serious concern. Administration need to look into it and people have to right to know the reason.

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