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Expanding terror

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Terror turf is expanding. The imminent threat of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is slowly spreading to India which is nothing new and is on expected lines. Islamic terrorism has sympathisers in every corner of the world. The emergence of a 55-minute video featuring Ayman al- Zawari, leader of al-Qaida after bin Laden’s demise announcing the al-Qaida’s Indian branch  is also on the expected lines keeping the past threats by the terrorist outfits and attempts on the Indian soil, as the United State’s withdrawal nears in Afghanistan, which in reality is going on silently. For the brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley it seems America did not have a strategy to counter such a threat of fanatism. However as the second beheading of an American journalist took place President Barack Obama came out with a statement calling destruction of Islamic militancy especially of ISIS. The half-hearted strategy of Americans in Iraq itself has contributed in the spread of terror machines in Far East and Asian continent and in such a move India is a soft ground.   Whenever Afghanistan front became silent the fallout is reflected   in Kashmir Valley and Pakistan. With its internal situation remaining fluid no doubt that country will play good conductor of the game. Recent firing all along the International Border and Line of Control in Jammu region and detection of a tunnel in Akhnoor area to facilitate infiltration are all part of the same designs what Pakistan is up to. And now, with al-Qaida opening its Indian franchise, the militancy related activities are likely to see an upswing especially when Jammu and Kashmir is slated for Assembly elections by year-end. With these developments, though not corroborated or openly accepted by any government agency, New Delhi should re-orient its policy to tackle the many-headed terror monster and stop conjuring up the mythical terminologies like Love Jihad. Religion or political affiliations apart we must understand that Jihad which was fought somewhere has now knocked on our doors. Seal off their would be shelters, nab informers, guides and OGWs. Security forces must start now to make their landings difficult as preventive measures.

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