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Education of poor children

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Dear Editor,
Children’s day! a day celebrated especially for children but have we ever wondered about those children who go around picking rags or that girl that comes to your home to wash your utensils. Where here we are enjoying our childhood and there poor children are earning at this age to run their house. Sometimes I wonder how their small shoulders bear so much of load of responsibility, earning, and tension to feed their family. In a consequence to this, their childhood is lost.They don’t get any schooling neither playing nor learning.We all talk of child labour and their education. Do you think are we working towards a bright future to overcome this problem?Government should surely take some drastic steps to change the future of our country by educating these small stars. They should be educated and sent to school and let them enjoy their future. I know its quite a difficult task but why not change our India and make it a better place to live in and educate these poor stars and do a little change.One single change makes a big difference.My humble request is from every “teacher-the so called builder of the nation” rather than our Govt to educate atleast one poor child without charging any dues to change this country’s future.
Abhishek Jandial

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