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Early rains

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Light to moderate rains that lashed a few places in north no doubt brought down the mercury by a few notches has set the tone for the coming monsoon season which if the present signs are to be taken in to account is going to be good and possibly a better one. Early by two-weeks the rain has given the much needed respite to residents from sweltering summer heat and also brought cheers to farmers readying their fields for paddy sowing. Rain is also considered beneficial for seasonal crops like sugarcane and maize. But the strong winds that followed disrupted power supply. Dry conditions have resulted in widespread drought in the south. However, in some areas local heavy rain may cause flooding and the rain may also be accompanied by severe thunderstorms. Fall was dry in the south, but recent changes have finally brought some much-needed rain. And more rain is on the way as southwesterly flow aloft will allow moisture to return ahead of an area of low pressure. That flow will allow a few disturbances to move through the region, as well. A monsoon that is early in north India by a fortnight is good news for farmers who have begun sowing seeds for the summer crop, especially in Punjab, Haryana and large parts of Uttar Pradesh. But meteorologists are unsure whether this will lead to an early break in the monsoon rainfall, which could have a potentially negative impact on the crop. A break, in meteorology jargon, refers to the continuous absence of rain for over a week. Typically, there are two or three breaks in the monsoon season and, often, a long break signifies a poor monsoon. So till now region can feel happy over the drop in temperature which has given the much needed relief from sweltering heat and the long power cuts.

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