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Dy CM promises uninterrupted power supply

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Dear Editor,
This is in reference to the promises of Dy.CM regarding uninterrupted power supply in J and K by 2019, finding space in local news papers. The statement by Dy.CM is quite for away from the real facts and lacks a visionary approach towards the real myth of power position in J and K. All the initiatives referred are nothing than a political statement lacking any depth except referring initiatives and road map. The people have practically realised the outcome of the promises of Dy.CM during AIIMS issue in Jammu (of getting orders from Central Government in a time bound manner), for which the people ultimately have to resort to agitation on the matter. The reference of return of power projects to J and K (enshrined in AOA) stands shelved by the Central Government, as such this agenda has become somehow obsolete now. The document 24×7 Power for All (PFA) referred has to meet the same fate as ‘vision document’ of pre-election and ‘Agenda of Alliance’ post election document, keeping in view the present prevailing scenario of power in J and K, where it has failed to provide power and more than eight hour cut is an eye opener. The document appears to be an eye wash to divert the attention of people suffering from the power cuts. How by marginalising gap of registered families in CA and PD and PDD can enhance the power supply is beyond understanding, although it can increase the revenue of the department.
We should not expect any relief from the present incumbent of Power Ministry as a person having no knowledge of power projects and generation (except its use), its maintenance, aggregate technical and commercial losses and a vision of an engineer to visualise and to bring fruitful results. Mere political statements are not enough to improve the system.
Mahadeep Singh Jamwal

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