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Double standards

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Dear Editor,
Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvis release proves the duplicity of Pakistan’s establishment which protects terrorists like Lakhvi, while it claims to fight the war on terror. Lakhvi coordinated the 26/11 attack from Pakistan, and there is enough evidence, from the testimonies of David Headley and Ajmal Kasab, to lead him to the gallows. Yet, he now walks free.
On the one hand, Pakistan wants to show the world that it is part of an anti-terror alliance. But on the other, its intelligence and army officers are known to visit suspected mass murderers in prison (ostensibly to convince the latter not to expose the Inter-Services Intelligence’s nefarious role). While Lakhvi was in prison, the Pakistani authorities gave him all modern facilities so that he could live a comfortable life. This is a classic case of Pakistan running with the hare and hunting with the hound.
P. N Saxena
New Delhi

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