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Don’t be discouraged by failure

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There are two sides to every coin in this world. If you are breathing then one day death has to knock on your door.
If there is light then there is also darkness, if there is sorrow then there is also happiness. If there is a dense shade of a tree somewhere, there is also a day burning like fire. In this series, if there is a victory, there is also a defeat. The origin of this life is two-sided. If we consider victory and defeat alone then while victory proves good ability, defeat motivates us to perform better. But what actually happens is that when you want to do something but don’t succeed in the task then despair spreads in hope. When failure paves the way for us, we need to think about what to do next. How did one can get out of the vicious circle of failure? How to get rid of worries? As far as I’m concerned, a sensible person is not humble in such a situation. He is ready to try again. Even in this calamity he keeps thinking step by step. He wants to work hard to reach his destination. One thing to keep in mind is that we will should never be intoxicated with success. Every action we take has a reaction. Being overjoyed at success and frustrated by failure are the hallmarks of weak people. A good athlete or adventurer will not focus too much on his own success and focus on his next goal, and on the contrary, if one has faced defeat, he will not be disappointed in himself but finds new ways to improve. I think the real winner would be the one who loses once and then returns to the same field. Wise people expect success as well as failure. People who follow the path of wisdom not only jump for success but also face failure. They also welcome failure. They see failure as a medicine to keep them alive. It also improves the tendency of life which is endured by endurance. But on the contrary, the intoxication of success does not allow one to regain consciousness. In fact, the essence of life is to desire success and always be ready to endure failure. So we should never give up on failure but keep on trying to improve ourselves.
By Harkirat Kaur Sabhra

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