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Dogri Play ‘Nayaan’ enthralls audiences at Theatre Festival

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JAMMU: In the ongoing second phase of the theatre festival being organized by the Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art Culture and Language, the Creative Crew, a distinguished theater group, delivered a captivating performance of the Dogri play “Nayaan” at the iconic Abhinav Theatre in Jammu.
The play “Nayaan” is written by renowned writer Padma Shri Mohan Singh Salathia.
Set against the backdrop of a middle-class family, “Nayaan” revolves around the challenges faced by a retired father, a dependent wife, and their two sons. The younger son shoulders the responsibility of supporting the family through his hard-earned income, while the elder son remains unemployed, contributing nothing but his time to the household.
The storyline intricately weaves together the themes of responsibility, justice, and the impact of individual choices on the fabric of a family. The characters come to life on stage, resonating with the audience as they navigate the twists and turns of life’s trials.
The cast, featuring seasoned actors and promising newcomers namely- Ravi Kant Sharma, Shiv Vohra, Rohini Sharma, Rajan Katoch, Savita Pathania, Twinkle Rajput, Pranav Singh Vidhi Jamwal, Karan Naksh Sharma, Rajvardhan Suingh Slathia, Atharv Dev Singh Slathia Nirvaan Vohra, delivered stellar performances, eliciting laughter, tears, and introspection from the audience. The use of the Dogri language added authenticity to the narrative, connecting with the local audience on a deeper level.
Back stage support by (Make up) Chhavi Rajput, (Costume) Twinkle Rajput, (music) Vishal Singh Bagal, (sound) Lokesh Sharma, (lights) Ravinder Sharma and (set ) Varun Sharma.
Usha Salathia, the director of the play, who also played a lead role of Mother in the play, commented on the production, saying, ” ‘Nayaan” is a poignant exploration of the challenges faced by families in our society. Through this play, we aim to shed light on the importance of responsibility, understanding, and the pursuit of justice within the familial unit.”

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