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Division of State or not?

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Dear Editor,
The PDP has expelled its Leh District Chief Tashi Gyalson from its basic membership of the party. Gyalson has supported the demand of UT status to Ladakh. It is a long pending demand of the people of Ladakh but the PDP asserted that it believes in unity of State and against any type of division but any Kashmir based parties should look at their activities since 1947, what have they done for the unity of the State? They sowed the seed of separation and pushed Ladakh and Jammu to go for separate state demand. They are not trustable in Jammu and Ladakh due to their activities of separation then how can they be tursted on ‘Autonomy’ or ‘Self Rules’? They want yes-men from these unfortunate area of the State not real leaders. If the PDP , NC, etc displayed representation of people of Kashmir on each platforms at national or international level then why shouldn’t Tashi Gyalson represent the people of Ladakh? The mistake of Gyalson is that he only throw away the shell of yes-man and tried to become the able and honest representative of Ladakhis similarly as every leaders of Kashmir do.
Wazir R.S.Aithmia
Old Satwari, Jammu Cantt

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