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Disappeared sons of valley

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Dear Editor,
Nothing is more painful and agonising in this whole Cosmos than the pain and discomfort of one’s child and this pain gets doubled many folds if your son has gone disappeared from your eyesight under mysterious circumstances. Every luxury, comfort, wealth or property would appear meaningless to those parents whose child is not with them to share property or luxury. Child separation is one of the worst kind of pains for every living heart of this world. But friends disappearance of one’s kith and kin or other relatives like father, uncle etc has become an unending fate of people of Kashmir. This story dates back to 1989 when insurgency in the form of an ill omen struck the doors of valley and gave an unending start to worst kind of human rights violation in the valley and irony is that violation is still on. The river of blood which oozed 26 years ago still flowing in the streets of valley and watering the trees of pain tears miseries and bloodshed in the valley.
No doubt, it is very hard to live in an unending pursuit of one’s lost child. It is more painful than death because death ends miseries but living in separation kills you hundreds time in a second, this is the real story of a mother who has been waiting for her son Javed Ahmed for past 25 years but still her lap is crying for unavailability of her loving son. Yes she is Parveena Ahanger (Chairperson Association of Parents of Disappeared Person). Friends she is not the only unfortunate mother with awaiting heart but there are about 10,000 mothers of disappeared Kashmiri people who are continuously weeping for their pieces of hearts. Irony here is all the tears of their eyes have dried up, all the comforts of their hearts have ended up but cruel authorities have not shown a bit of mercy or help towards the redressal of their problem. Even inspite of highlighting of the issues of disappeared people to world community at large by( APDP ) this game of disappearance still continue even today we have come across dozens of cases of disappearance and recovery of their bodies in some Nullah or stream. In short kashmir has turned into a place where nobody has legal right to liberty and security, nobody has legal right to recognise as a person before law, where no person has legal right to defence and where no person has legal right not to subject to torture, because if we Kashmiri would have given permission to enjoy these constitutional rights then we would not have been killed, then we would not have been arrested and disappeared mysteriously ,then our near and dear would not have been buried under unidentified graves, then we would not have lost our eye sight due to pellet attacks, then we would not have subjected to physical and sexual torture from authorities and then we would not have been arrested under mere suspicion.
I would like to appeal to the world community at large that come and join hands in order to sooth Kashmiri hearts by arranging meeting of their lost children , come and join hands to save Kashmiris from illegal detention , come and join hands for saving Kashmiris from getting killed.
Sunaina Malik

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