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Dipa Karmakar wants to make the Produnova famous all over India

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Rio de Janeiro: Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar, who qualified for the Olympics riding on the Produnova, a tough front handspring and two front somersaults, will showcase her expertise at the manoeuvre on Sunday when the women gymnastics get underway. Considered as one of the most difficult – and dangerous – vault in women’s gymnastics, the Produnova is the Indian’s trusted weapon, even giving her an edge for a shock medal in the event. “I believe that practice makes perfect, and then it is not difficult anymore,” she said at the Olympic Park on Thursday. “My coach, Bisweshwar Nandi ensured that I practised extensively, so now it is not difficult for me anymore,” she added.
She spoke of the sheer volume of her training. “In the last three months, I did 1000 repetitions of the move, and now it is the easiest vault for me. This vault is now well-known in India, and that makes me very happy,” she said. India is slowly awakening to her presence and the fact that she indeed, uses such a tricky manoeuvre to impress the judges. “Not many in the country knew about this until recently, and now I hope that this vault becomes more famous than me in India.”

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