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Diluted grid

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It looks the ‘humane face’ of coalition in handling the ongoing unrest has failed to bring the expected dividends as envisaged by the political masters. What actually called as security grid in Jammu and Kashmir today stands diluted for political purposes. The three tire security mechanism with army on top followed by BSF on the borders and CRPF and other armed forces were responsible for checking the free movement of militants all along the Line of Control and International Borders running all along the west and northern side of the State. However after PDP-BJP combine took over the reins of the State and presenting a ‘humane face’ to assuage the hurt feelings of the people and win over the ‘innocent’ youth, who have crossed over to other side of the border to get arms training looks too have failed to bring the expected aims. The new dispensation in the State diluted the grid with army withdrawn from the Valley leading to complete breakdown of intelligence sharing mechanism. It is a matter of concern the breaking down of the system has emboldened the radicalisation of youth and spread of ISIS in Valley where it finds a safe haven. What earlier seen as and written off by many the engagement of youth is something that everyone is talking about and their involvement to keep the unrest going for the last over 40 days. Even today security agencies are also accepting the growing foot prints of ISIS in the region. We have already seen it in Afghanistan. There have been numerous incidents of conflict between ISIS and the Afghan Taliban. The ISIS is trying to gain some influence in Afghanistan. The security grid in south Kashmir and in Srinagar responsible for safety and security needs to be developed into a comprehensive security cum development grid by positioning relevant experts from various streams and provisioned with matching resources commensurate to the selective requirement. In Dinanagar and Udhampur, Pakistan was testing India’s response to a terror attack, the first outside Jammu and Kashmir after Mumbai. The questions remain to be addressed is how will India respond to the next big attack? And will India be able to stem the cross-border terrorism exported from Pakistan?

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