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Differences between ministers proving harmful for Basohli

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Shiv Kumar Padha
According to an old saying, ‘ Whenever two bulls lock horns, the grass under their hooves gets destroyed’. Basohli has always been destined to discrimination, neglect, step motherly treatment in the hands of the MLAs not belonging to the constituency, since independence. Every non local MLA considered Basohli as his colony and instead of working for uplifting the condition of the constituency, always, put a clog in the way of its development. The unexpected results of the last concluded general elections for the Parliament and Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly kindled the flame of hope in the people of Jammu region which triggered an advent of an era of liberty from the yoke of the Kashmir centered governments, which always considered Jammu people as inferior to Kashmiris and second rate citizens in their own State. But soon the hopes of the people were evaporated like camphor when they found the quality and capability of many of the the newly elected BJP MLAs not conforming in any way to the responsible post of a legislator of the State Assembly. These MLAs and ministers belonging to BJP, instead of becoming a succor for the decads old neglected population of the Jammu region, fell prey to in fight, rivalary and behaved like a divided house of BJP in the LA. Instead of giving a tough fight as a team in the LA they categorised themselves as the superior MLA, senior MLA, influential MLA, out spoken and talkative MLA and the most privileged category of MLAs having access in the party organisation at Delhi. Instead of becoming a power of Jammu they became the puppets in the hands of their counterparts in PDP only for their petty personal and the kins benefit.
The joy of the people of the constituency knew no bounds when they learnt that they are going to have two ministers belonging to the same constituency in the State Government who will bring about unprecedented development of Basohli in the field of connectivity, ration supply, health care, water supply, tourism , restoring Kendriya Vidyalay to Basohli, FM station for Basohli, district hood for mother of six Tehsils and four sub divisions, PDD and PHE Divisions for Basohli along with one workshop for repairing the transformers. The people of other constituencies feel jealous because according to them the bread of Basohli people is buttered from both sides. But the reality is totally reverse of it as the minister i.e. MLA from the Basohli Constituency is not interested in its development whereas the Dy. Chief Minister, belonging to Basohli and representing Billawer Constituency, dissociates himself from all the affairs pertaining to to the development of Basohli scared of the criticism of his constituency. The only reason behind the neglect of Basohli is the rivalary between the ministers and MLAs of the Jammu region.
It is strange that ever since the formation of Coalition Government in the State, no minister of any department has visited Basohli for the reasons best known to the ministers and the local MLA. Basohli Constituency in general and the town in particular is reeling under the problems of un employment, health care, lack of connectivity, water scarcity, mismanagement in PDS, neglect of tourism, problems related to restoration of inter-state JKSRTC bus services, restoration of Kedriya Vidyala Lakhanpur to its legitimate claimant Basohli, starting FM channel, improving the conditionof CHC Basohli. But due to the ill luck of Basohli no minister, MLA of other constituencies have ever dared to enter Basohli Constituency. The government must take some suitable steps to regulate the visits of ministers to Basohli frequently and unhesitatingly so that the people of the constituency can highlight their problems with the concerned ministers for immediate redressal. The constituencies are not the inheritances of any big or small, influential or gentle MLA and also it is not of those suffering from superfluous ego.

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