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Deprogramming Previous Tunings…


Cell reprogramming is possible through auto-suggestion in dhyan. Sit in dhyan and visualise that the cells are happy, dancing, and getting reprogrammed. Listen to instrumental music. Music makes the attention more focused and relaxes the nerves. Keep the faith that it is happening. Like a bird starts singing at dawn, even when it is still dark, knowing well that morning is about to come, and it does arrive daily… similarly, we need to keep the faith, everything is happening according to the Divine Plan.
It is very important to de-programme the subconscious. If some incident is recalled repeatedly it gets resurrected in the subconscious mind, it has to be released; it is not to be forgotten but one can certainly stop being affected by it. Once you stop thinking about it, it will leave the subconscious. If there is still craving for something, money, physical gratification, some desires etc. stop getting disturbed by it, focus on growth. Stop succumbing to the demands; instead pray sincerely that the distraction may leave. Imagine it leaving in your dhyan. So channelise that energy into something more constructive.
Maintain a journal. Write to pour out the voice from the depths of your inner being. Do not judge the quality of your writing, but just let the flow happen. Write elaborately as often as possible. Empty your mind into it. This way the burden is reduced and the subconscious becomes clearer. Clearing of the subconscious can reduce gravities and propel one towards a productive life.
The Geeta states that the mind is our greatest friend or greatest enemy, depending on how it is used.
Human is the best creation of Nature. Work on yourself so as to imbibe the attributes of the sublime, which are based on the universal scale of satyam shivam sundaram — truth, benevolence and beauty. You are here for a special purpose; follow the steps below to de-programme the tuning of your past –
Be simple. Move towards simplicity and uncomplicated living. To be simple does not mean that it is wrong to dress up or look good. But don’t do it to just impress others. Adorning yourself, ‘sattvic shringar’ is also spiritual joy. Simplicity means to be centered in your natural nature and living an unpretentious life.
Do not react. All emotional outbursts should be channelised with ease into creativity or activities such as prayer or play. Use anger to improve the situation that caused the anger to happen in the first place. All energies are to be used for refining dormant attributes.
Create something new every day. This is true for all activities, whether it is cooking, planting a seed, arranging flowers or cleaning up the surroundings.
Be nonjudgmental about others and yourself.
Stay away from arguments. Gossip, anything that is not truthful, nice or does not promote the welfare of all is detrimental for growth. All words and gestures should be ‘loveful’, positive, inspirational and energetic; give energy and enhance others. Never use brusque words or statements with undercurrents.
Do not get disturbed, distracted, or affected by anyone. Don’t bother the world and don’t get bothered by it. No one should be able to shake you.
Do this by practicing three mantras: ‘This too shall pass’, ‘how does it matter?’ and ‘let it go’.
If the sankalp or resolve is truthful, it will automatically enhance detachment and help one live in equanimity. If one is passionate about any creative activity, reach out to it whenever you feel disturbed or affected by someone. Soon the creative pursuit will absorb you and that surge of intense reaction will pass.
Be organised; draw up a time bound and a regular routine. Don’t compare yourself with others. Annihilate your ego and arrogance of ‘doership’.
By being aware of these and consciously working on yourself, gradually but surely transformation happens.
-Meena Om

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