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Denying the reality

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Dear Editor,
They deny surrender of 90 k soldiers in 1971.They deny creation of Bangladesh .They even deny hosting and elimination of Osama Bin laden in their court yard by US. They deny cross border terrorism propagated by ISI .They deny atrocities on Baloachs. Sindhis, Ahmedis and Shias.They deny sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir since 1990.They deny Haquuani network working hand in glove with Pak Army.They deny kick from Afghans from Kabul.They deny hosting Dawood in Karachi. They deny snubbed by their old US masters .They deny to be distanced by Iran.They will naturally too deny Indian surgical strikes in PoK.
They will deny every reality till they are denied from the global map. Such Naive a Nation is called Pakistan.
Sanjay Raina

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