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Delhi Metro to become 7th largest network in 2016

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New Delhi, Oct 18 (PTI) Within 12 years of its inception, the Delhi Metro is on track to achieve feats surpassing the world’s historic metro stations.

The completion of Delhi Metro’s Phase III will not only increase the total length of its network in the national capital but also make Delhi a city with one of the highest number of metro stations anywhere in the world, according to a DMRC spokesperson.

The Delhi Metro network will have more than 241 stations after Phase III which will make it only the seventh city in the world to have more than 200 metro stations.

In Asia, Delhi will have the highest number of metro stations after Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul.

Most of the metro networks with more than 200 stations are operated by multiple operators, while in Delhi, apart from the six stations of the Airport link, all other lines are run by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

In 2016, the DMRC network will be of about 330 kilometres and after the completion of 103-km-long section under phase IV, the Delhi Metro will surpass the 150-year-old London underground system.

The Delhi Metro by 2016 will have 241 stations and the length of its network in the city will be a total of 330 kms.

The London underground, which was built in the year 1863, is 402 km long and has 270 stations.

The Seoul and Tokyo metro systems are 317 kms in length and have 293 and 274 stations respectively. The 424-km-long Shanghai Metro has 234 stations.

Russia’s Moscow metro is 305-km-long with 185 stations while Paris’ 215-km-long subway has 301 stations.

In China, 336-km-long Beijing metro system has a total of 172 stations while the Hong Kong metro is 211 km long with 155 stations.

Approximately, there are about 160 Metro stations in the world in about 54 countries across the world.

Delhi Metro was recently ranked second among 18 international Metro systems in terms of overall customer satisfaction in an online customer survey.

In the survey conducted among the commuters of those Metro systems by Global Metro Benchmarking Groups ‘NOVA’ and ‘CoMET’, Delhi Metro along with London DLR and Bangkok were the best three performers in the ‘Net Promoters Score’ (NPS) category.

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