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Declining status of women due to rape cases

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Dear Editor,
Two years have passed since ‘Nirbhaya case’ took place in Delhi. It has left a shameful scar on the face of Mother India. On 16th December,2012 we Indians have scripted a unbeatable unity against anti-social elements. Still there happens not even a single day when we don’t hear such news. These cruel rapists have no fear of law and government perhaps due to any higher approach. As a great impact of these growing cases in India, neither a women nor a girl is safe on her way to school, colleges and offices. This is not limited only to big cities but has also taken wide dimenshions in urban areas as well as villages. Each time when a person watches the thrilling news of this kind, there is a fear in the minds of every parent for their daughters. This same fear has also paralysed the mindsets of every girl that if they are not ever secure then how could they compete with the males who have already dominated our society.In Indian villages and urban areas, every girl  has no choice except to live under a heavy blanket of restrictions imposed by her parents in order to keep their daughter’s safe. Strict action against these rapists can definitely minimise this shameful act but are not self-sufficient to root out the cause.The need of the hour is that every person should change their mindset for females and stop treating them as sex-toys.
Abhishek Jandial

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