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In the present scientific era, no matter what the field, the popularity of items made through scientific inventions and discoveries is increasing day by day. Be it trains or aeroplanes, movies or medical equipment or computers or smartphones, their inclusion is found everywhere in the daily routine of our lives.
While on one hand man is trying to reach the highest pinnacle of scientific progress, on the other hand in the present era human values and faith, sympathy, honesty, kindness, love, restraint etc. are declining. Man is becoming individualistic and materialistic whose tendency towards progress has become more exploitative than welfare.
Examining the properties of both these trends makes it clear that human values are deteriorating due to the progress of science. If seen, this notion appears to be real but whether there is a cause and effect relationship between the two or it is just a coincidence that the increase in one is causing the decline in the other.
To reach any result, its detailed investigation is necessary.
In daily life, most of the decisions we take about right-wrong, best-worst, accepting-rejecting etc. are based on human values. The criteria on which the truthfulness of an event, the beneficial or detrimental effect on individuals and society, or the superiority or inferiority of any quality of a thing are measured, are called values. According to values, the merits, demerits, abilities etc. of a thing or person are identified and their importance is established.

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