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Declassified document confirms independence of mutually agreed divide in 1947

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Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Esteemed Daily State Times dated 2nd February, 2016 in its Editorial published author’s article titled ” Independence of divide and transfer of power by British”.
We have amply narrated the hidden agendas of then vision poor political leaders who had sown the seeds of communal polarisation throughout. The leaders in a mutually agreed consent cashed this polarization enforcing the division of Great Indian land into present India and Pak.
People were forced to fight in the streets in the name of Hindu-Muslims. But none of these Hindu-Muslim friend leaders got hurt except Gandhi.
Bapu Gandhi was got eliminated in a planned way because he was a big opponent to the division of Great India into present India and Pakistan.
After division of land, every kind of property was divided be that currency, army, officials, bureaucrats, besides land. In this divide British transferred powers to Jinnah and party for Pakistan and Nehru and party to India. None of these leaders opposed divisions otherwise that would have been possible to keep both present countries united.
One of the agendas of the present regime in India as highlighted in election manifesto is the ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ which means Congress free India, finishing it to the core. It looks like a big political joke and we are not competent to comment on it. Only time will be the best judge.
Currently the process of declassifying the post-independence files is in progress. Culture Ministry Secretary N.K Sinha on 31st August, 2016 released online the seventh batch of 25 declassified files which pertained to the Ministry of External Affairs from 1951 to 2006.
An old record of these declassified document revealed that India in 1953 had agreed to share with Pakistan in ratio 2:1 the funds of freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Indian National Army [INA] and Indian Independence League [IIL].
This very fact of sharing INA and IIL property is revealed in a note which was enclosed with a letter dated 18th October, 1953 by former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru written to then West Bengal Chief Minister B.C Roy.
There were protracted negotiations with Pakistan as she had claimed a part of these asset.
Without going further details of this old communication, one hard fact was that British India was got divided under mutually entered agreement by Hindu leaders [Nehru and Company] and Muslim leaders [Jinnaha and Company] involving the sharing of property. This fact fully supports our view point that stands expressed above by State Times dated 2nd February, 2016, that British India divide was the mutually agreed act by then friendly leaders.
These opportunistic leaders even kept eyes on sharing of the property of those freedom fighters like Subhas Chandra Bose and others who never wanted the division of the India. Likewise Sardar Bhagat Singh also who is still regarded hero on both sides, preferably highly regarded in Pak.
Going by the excerpts from face book, commoner people on both sides still love each other. Baloch people hold Indian Flag in hands while protesting with masked faces. Similar situation is in Kashmir holding Pak Flags in hands.
On eve of Independence, Kashmir witnessed waving of Pak Flags. J and K across LoC pays high degree of respect to Indian Flag. Maharaja Gulab Singh is still respected and worshiped by offering flowers to his idol in a temple by both Hindus and Muslims. Write ups on Maharaja Hari Singh are published in Urdu across LoC portraying him their Hero [Bahpoo} asking people of this side to join them. Such kind of write ups pasted on face book are jointly liked by people cutting across communal and present divide lines.
On the other hand leaders on both sides are still pursuing the politics of divide. Army on both sides declares being ever ready to meet any eventuality as and when need arises. Militants are operative exerting harms and causalities on both sides.
Separatists having no visionary agenda have pushed the commoner youth to risks and enjoying themselves all facilities, security and wards sudying/living abroad.
In 1947, for then power hungry leaders satisfied ego pushing , commoners were made to pay heavy prices in terms of loss of lives and property, dislocations, etc. After independence, the wars fought have proved futile except inflicting miseries on people of J and K especially those living near borders.
Let us pray the good sense prevails. Our politicians and religious fundamentalists turn wise. Militancy is eliminated and people on both side of LoC live peacefully.

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