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Daunting question

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Dear Editor,
BJP leader Ram Madhav’s idea of ‘akhand Bharat’ seems to be an off-the-cuff suggestion. Though the opposition parties have taken a dig at Madhav, his intent appears to be innocent. Given that the three countries – India, Pakistan and Bangladesh – were one before partition, they share unique features. A ‘larger India’ concept may appeal to some, when seen in the context of security and people interactions. However, whether having a united league of these three countries is feasible or not, is a daunting question.
India is greatly respected across the globe for its secular nature and democratic ways. More than unification, what is required is a close proximity between the three neighbours.
The need of the hour is that India-Pakistan-Bangladesh realise their potential to upset world powers’ calculations, and this can happen if they work unitedly with a common goal. If Madhav’s opinion is able to achieve this, it would not have gone in vain.

Richa Jain

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