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CRPF nomenclature

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Dear Editor,
Refer to the CRPF nomenclature facelift, does giving English nomenclature to a job changes its profile? Will a ‘housekeeper’ get more respect? Will a ‘gardner’s’ handheld tools get replaced by automatic gadgets to perform his role? Will a ‘hairstylist’ start giving jazzy haircuts to a soldier? This baffling diktat will also convey that ever since the inception of the CRPF, we have been belittling them because they were called by Hindustani nomenclature. Such inane exercise is not going to change their working conditions. That day is not far when someone in his wisdom – or lack of it – will recommend that existing salutations like ‘Ram Ram’, ‘Sat Sri Akal’, and ‘Jai Hind’ be changed to ‘Good morning’, ‘Hi’, or the more modern ‘How de?’ If that could bring in change, a wife should be called ‘Multitasker’, husband ‘Dumbo’ (that is what most wives think of them anyway), and a mother-in-law becomes ‘PIN’ – pain in neck!
Maj Gen SPS NARANG (Retd),

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