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Consumers need to be careful

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Dear Editor,
The controversy surrounding Maggi noodles should be laid to rest soon because of the confusion it has created. A few States have banned the product for a period of time, while others have imposed restrictions on the storage and distribution of the popular product. Consumer awareness in our country is inconsistent. It reaches a crescendo at a point in time and then withers. It is doubtful whether we really care to go through the written contents on the packs of any material we buy.
Not many may do a worthwhile research on a product’s safety and health hazards, even in this era where knowledge available at the click of a button. Even more dangerous is the tendency of many to blissfully ignore the hullabaloo and continue to use the product. The Maggi stand-off should propel consumers to be careful in the use of food products, especially the sealed and packed ones.
Nitika Singh
Jammu Cantt

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