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Congress double faced, supporting pro-China, pro-Pakistan stand: Sunil Sethi

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JAMMU: J&K BJP Chief Spokesperson, Advocate Sunil Sethi launched a scathing attack on Congress Party for its double faceted approach and asked the National party to come clear on its stand that whether it supports the pro-China and pro-Pakistan stand of NC and PDP.
Congress has adopted one stance in Jammu and another in Kashmir and has been befooling gullible population, said Adv. Sunil Sethi while addressing a press conference at party headquarter, here on Monday.
He was accompanied by Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, J&K BJP Media Incharge.
Sethi said that the parties comprising Gupkar alliance are nothing but power hungry group and they have only single time target to gain the power which is very clear from the fact that they have so eagerly come to contest these elections while earlier they were issuing statements not much time back that they will not contest any elections.
Adv. Sunil Sethi said that People’s alliance or Gupkar alliance have absolutely no point in common and is not a political group and have only joined hands just to gain power.
Sethi said that the participants of Gupkar are just afraid of their corruption and the black deeds, they have done earlier.
He said that during the earlier time, many influential leaders of these parties have grabbed prime lands and later got them regularized, even they the things like murder cases to hide in their premises and these facts are forcing them to unite their black forces against the BJP.
Sethi said that infighting has already started in this group. PDP has assumed the 2nd fiddle, it has been assisting the NC now, for which the senior leaders of PDP are leaving the party.
He said that the senior leaders of PDP like Baig has left the PDP and many more senior activists of PDP are ready to leave the party.
The same is true for the NC party, he said and added that this holds true for every party which forms part of Gupkar group.
He said that the reality is that the activists of these parties do not appreciate and stand with the dictates of the heads of these political parties and these parties will lose badly in these elections.
Sethi also attacked and mocked Congress and asked the Congress that why it has not cleared its stand when it sometimes claims to be a major participant of Independence movement.
He said that PDP is making all pro-Pakistan statements and NC is giving pro-China statements. He asked that whether Congress party supports this stand.
Sethi said that Jammu has always taken the nationalist stand and these parties will also be taught a good lesson in the Kashmir region too.
He said that the leaders of these parties will contest independent against their own alliance candidates as the activists of these parties don’t support this new made artificial ideology.

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