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Congress a spent force now, can do no good to people: Priya Sethi

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KATHUA: Congress has lost steam as it is being considered as a spent force which can do no good to people except making big castles in air about uplifting the masses. The Congress has nothing to show to people for their welfare except hollow slogans.
This was stated by Priya Sethi BJP National Executive Member and former minister while addressing a campaign rally in Marheen area of Kathua. She is campaigning in favour of Dr. Jitendra Singh, Party’s candidate for Doda Udhampur Kathua Lok Sabha Seat. The senior BJP leader stated that the bold step of BJP Government-led by PM Narendra Modi of declaring Article 370 null and void has helped J&K to come out of the quagmire as earlier the common was confronting vicious cycle of violence and bloodshed. She said that after the end of Article 370, women, refugees of 1947, Valmiki Samaj, Paharis, and other groups got their rights and were living dignified life.
The senior BJP functionary said that prior to 2014, the Congress and its ilk, which were in power, had pushed the people of the erstwhile state against wall as corruption and nepotism were at peak as scams after scams had looted state exchequer and poor were forced to become even poorer. She categorically said that now when Narendra Modi is in command, corrupt are feeling scared, administration is streamlined, country is heading towards becoming third largest economy and India’s defence system is becoming robust. She said that Dr Jitendra Singh is an apt candidate who ensured that all central schemes are implemented in his constituency in particular without any pilferage.
The former minister highlighted that ten years of Modi’s regime exemplify a transformative period marked by bold reforms and decisive action. Under Modi’s leadership, she emphasized, India has witnessed significant strides in various sectors, including economic growth, infrastructure development, and national security. Sethi credited the Modi government’s proactive approach with instilling confidence among investors, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and creating millions of jobs for the youth.
Seeking votes for Dr Jitendra Singh, she said that the vote to Dr Jitendra will be the vote for Modi and the same will help BJP to get thumping margin as it is likely that this time her party gets lion’s share of more than 400 seats. She said that people should gauge the intend of BJP by analyzing its ten years’ tenure.
Programme organised by Mandal president Sharda Devi. Among others present included Anita Gandotra, Sushma Sharma, Pinki Devi, Neelam Salaria, Raspal Verma, Janak Bharti, Lajwanti, Sonu Devi, Rajat, Vicky Sharma, Variender Sharma and Rekhi Kumar.

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