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CMP be without PDP or BJP ideology

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Er. Jitender Kohli

What the Kashmir Valley leadership have in mind except power lust at the cost of innocent Valley Muslims who are being exploited since 1931 by Abdullah family with patronage of Nehru-Gandhi family both having their personal so called political parties turned and proved to be as trade units. The other separatists or leaders are off shoots of Nehru-Gandhi Parivaar Congress -NC coalition. This bunch has dramatized differently at various times criticizing or withdrawing supports to fall the government revolve around immediate misleading the common people to attain long run  cherry. History speaks of it, Nehru made undeserving Sheikh Abdullah as State hero bestowed with crown, then put him behind bars, his daughter Indira Gandhi placed him again on the governing State seat, her son Rajiv Gandhi managed Sheikh’s son Farooq Abdullah to become State CM and Rahul Gandhi moving on his father footsteps manipulated to establish Omar Abdullah son of Farooq Abdullah to become state CM. in all this trick and deed congress remained hero to ensure vested interests of Nehru-Gandhi family. This family is instrumental in bringing Mufti family in forefront to counter Abdullah family to keep their personal interests. Mufti was the Union Home Minister in Congress rule which initiated a precedence of releasing terrorists to get innocent civilians released from their clutches. The creation of PDP is an arm to keep Congress interests intact.
All these political gimmicks are continuing since 1947 to keep Kashmir Valley boiling by instigating innocent valley Muslims in the name of religion and Kashmiriat culture. Most of valley Muslims had hardly crossed the peerpanchal hill to know the independent secular progressing nation or world. The Valley inhabitants required honorable food and progressive life ensuring safe good future for their next generations. Unfortunately this political game of Congress with its team had denied it and destroyed the future of valley people by alienating them from national society and national mainstream. The Valley separatists are flourishing with the collective patronage of the congress lead UPA who have provided all facilities to anti-national elements, who are involved in kidnapping, murder, antinational activities caused the massacres of innocent valley Muslims and non-Muslims, children, men and women,  making non-Valley-Muslims to flee from valley.
Isolating the innocent Valley Muslims from the world has become instrumental in creating a deep wedge between the three state regions. Has Valley society or intellectuals ever think over why Jammu and Ladakh region wrangle to get rid of Valley leadership?
Inspite of this entire, still the common state inhabitants have participated in large number in the latest Parliament and assembly elections.  The rise of BJP in Jammu region and PDP in Kashmir Valley is resultant of rejection of the NC-Congress six year coalitions for failed state governance. The Congress is main sufferer, though the secular Jammu region also elected NC, PDP candidates. In Jammu secular presentation is made but in Valley none non-Muslim is elected. Kashmir valley has not gone for any political change but kept the balance as the last election results had twenty eight seats rotated between NC and PDP. The Valley voter has not gone for any change nor to oppose or defeat any particular party.
Valley leadership falsely claims to valley voter rejecting BJP, had this been, how the vote percentage in favour of BJP increased in Valley? How the BJP succeeded in holding meetings and rallies in those valley places where earlier it had never done so? How the valley Muslim candidates contested on its tickets? This absolutely explains that a section of literate, secular Valley Muslims have understood what changes are necessary for the development of state, rising above the religious cards played by the Congress UPA team, particularly NC leading this in Valley.
The seasoned politician in Mohmd Syed Mufti has understood what the congress UPA including NC has done to the State and particularly for Valley people. He wishes to get the Valley people in the national main stream to get all those benefits which the national society is getting in their respective states. He knows only the development is the root necessity to upgrade future of the next generations. He also understands that drastic change of set Valley people mind is not possible. He knows he can’t drop his manifesto ideology but is sure if these are kept on the back burner the State people especially Valley Muslims shall have safe and better coming times.
BJP on the other hand nothing to lose if it fails in forming state government but can’t ignore the Jammu people who may rise against the valley leadership as it occurred in 2008. The Congress extended its unconditional support to PDP, NC rushed behind for the same and now the NC sent a conditional letter to State Honourable Governor extending support to PDP. The Valley leadership, society, so-called intellectuals, separatists and what not have in one voice declared to check BJP in becoming part of State governing. It means they are opposing the Jammu region voters, they are rejecting Jammu region and are so communal to defeat non-valley people at all costs.
Congress is thirsty to get involved in the governing seat and NC is desperately desire to clinch the rule may be with assisting PDP whom they will ditch anytime if PDP doesn’t dance on the NC-Congress tune.
The Valley leadership is misguiding the valley inhabitants to lose their identity, Kashmiriat and damaging Valley demography if PDP-BJP forms a State government. Can this leadership define what they mean by Kashmiriat? Are they peace loving? Are they away from violence and hater? Do they believe in co-living formula?  Do they trust in co-existence ideology? Have they ideology of adjustability and adoptability?  Do they love human and humanity? If anything is yes then how the non-Muslims are made to flee from Valley? Why the Shia-Sunni violence rise in Valley? Who helps militants and terrorists? Who are those who create violence to get killed terrorist corpse? Who are those who are letting militants kill innocent Valley men, women and children? Who are those who are opposing settlement of refugees in Jammu?  These refugees are not human?
PDP and BJP leadership is matured enough who know the facts and tricks of UPA team. They should keep their political ideologies behind to bring the entire State inhabitants to progress collectively reaching at par with the national and world society. They should prepare a Common Minimum Programme (CMP) for equal State regional developments, safety, collective working of the regional people to let them understand each other, educational and employment opportunities and so on. There should be no space of regional, religious or discrimination for any region or person. None of the PDP or BJP ideology needs discussed or included in the common minimum program. It should freeze for three years. If within three years the PDP-BJP coalition fails to do good for the state can depart or made to quit.

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